Tony and Linne DePasquale

Both of our families come from a long tradition of American farming and service. My mother's family began farming in Virginia in the 1630s and slowly moved further south as more land opened up to western expansion. As the family grew, they continued farming operations in Missouri and South Carolina. My mother's family eventually moving into Oklahoma territory where my great grandfather farmed and raised dairy cows. My father's side of the family was farmers and goat herders from Abruzzo Italy. When they migrated to the United States in the early 1900s where they continued a small family farm and country store in Western New York. Growing up in California, I learned how to raise small crops and animal husbandry at an early age.

Linne's family came from a long tradition of farming in Europe where her great grandfather's family cultivated the land in Sweden. When her ancestors landed in the United States they settled farming lands in North Dakota which the family still runs to this day. Mostly cultivating sunflowers and various beans, as well as corn the operation in North Dakota has been in the family for the last 100 years. Linne learned the farming life from her grandfather who was the patriarch of the Barta family farm.

By opening Farm table Kitchen + Spirits we wanted to share with you the recipes and values that were so precious to us growing up. We truly hope you enjoy your stay with us and we look forward to seeing you at the table.